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How do I use a website that requires a SABA LMS Plugin?

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I have a Nexus 7 tablet running the newest version of Android.  I have a website that I use that's an internal website for the company and is used for training purposes.  For that reason I can't post it here but I can easily use it on my Mac computer and can view the website, videos, etc.  Unfortunately I can't use the website on my Android tablet.  When I try to use it it says it's missing a plugin.  It seems to be looking for something for SABA LMS.  I looked it up and it seems to be a learning management system made by a company called SABA.  I was unable to get help from them and the company I work for is unable to help me. I actually have the same issue on my iPhone.  I've tried using both Chrome and Firefox on Android and both give the same message. 
There must be some type of plugin I need.  Does anyone know what plugin I can use or possibly another web browser, media player, or some way that I can get this to work?
Thanks in advance.

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well, that's strange i haven't heard about SABA Plugin !! Is it possible for you to share the site link you are trying to open i'll give it a try in my tablet and will let you know if i can came up with any solution on this ! 

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