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multi user ?


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hello there
i have HTC one x and i use it as source of internet sometimes also using some apps where i share it with my wife and my sister so here is the problem we all check our mail when we are out through the mobile, and we almost using same apps, we got 5 emails on it two for me personal and business and same to my wife and my sister mail so here we have 5 mails not to forget that i use evernote and my wife use it also so we where looking for some idea or apps that support multi user so when i am using the mobile my main gmail account i just can check in my own stuff same to business account so i only write and send emails through same user name almost same the multi user that windows desktop have 

cheers and thanks

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well, @Siharyvani I am not getting what you are trying to ask or say your question confuse me round the clock !! I have tried my best in understanding and i am not sure but i guess you are trying to ask is there any app available in which i can login on multiple email account and access it same time !! Well, i don't think of any apps that allows but try using "switch me" app, it will help you in getting multiuser support on your device if its supported for you... i mean i doubt whether it is supported or not !! i know it support tablets but .... HTC one X better give it a try !! :huh:  :rolleyes:  

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