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Compatibility problem


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I have a weird problem that I can't solve.


I have an Android device for my tv that "transforms" it into a smart tv, I think it's called Android Smart TV or something. It works as a normal Android device and all.


My problem is that I also have an Apple Time Capsule that has a HDD integrated. It works as a router and an online back-up unit at the same time. I want to use it as an online HDD to storage media and access it through my Android device.


In Windows PC I can see the Apple device as a computer on my network, and I can access to its files and everything. But I can't reach it through the Android device and I don't know how to solve this. I tried to create a server with its IP Address ( but it doesn't work, maybe it has something to do that I have a second Apple device, an Apple TV, wired into my network that shares the same IP Address. I don't know if that's an error or works that way.


I need help!



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