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Xperia PLAY or miniPAD?


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Hello everybody.
I would like to buy a good android smartphone to emulate some PS1 games (talking about emulator because i want to play games that are not in the PS mobile store like FInal Fantasy, Chrono Cross, Legend of Dragoon ecc).

The problem is that i would like to use physical pad (so no touch commands) but i would like to just take the mobile from the pocket and play when i get some free time without attach any huge pad.
I looked for a small pad, something that i can leave on my mobile in my pocket (taking those huge pads around it's stupid, that would be better to go around with a PSP ._.).

DOes somebody know if such a mini pad really exists?

If it does not exist then the only solution for the problem "take from the pocket and play" would be the Sony Xperia PLAY (the only one i know with physical pad) but i am scared about the performance.
That's an old phone, maybe it could have problems running games like FInal Fantasy >.<.>
Anyone can give me some feedbacks or suggestions? Q_Q

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