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Screen locked on Galaxy tab


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Hi my screen is locked and will not unlock on my galaxy tab 3. Tried a soft reboot by power down and holding low volume button but screen is still not unlocking.


I've had this problem before and it seemed to sort itself out- the way round it was always to turn it off at night. However last night I didn't and now it won't unlock.


Please help otherwise I'm going to send this back as there must be something wrong with it surely? Could it be something to do with power saving mode as it seems to be in that mode?

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Don't you know the pattern you have feed ??? If not then i am sure you have entered backup password, don't you remember that ??? and if you still don't remember the pattern as well as the pin and your data connection is still active then you can reset it using your gmail account or still if you haven't active data connection and your device is locked, the activate your data connection by holding the power button and then selecting the data network mode to "ON". And if you haven't access to any of these then I would say you need to factory reset your device by going to the boot loader menu. 

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