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Google Now Launcher-How many screens?

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I own a Nexus 7 and have been using the standard launcher that comes with it.  I have apps and folders that are on the main screen as well as the other 2 screens to the left and also the 2 screens to the right.  I just downloaded the Google Now launcher. I like how you can scroll left to go into Google Now but it seems to only have two screens for apps, the main screen and the screen to the right.  Is that true or is there a way to access more screens to place apps and folders on?  Thanks for your help.

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Adding Home Screen Panels

Aside from the new look, new animations and so on, the most notable change in the new Google Experience Launcher is how it handles home screen panels and widgets. You can have as many home screen panels as you like but adding panels in the Google Experience Launcher is a little different from most custom launchers.

Instead of adding panels via a settings menu, you add new panels by first going to the app drawer. Hold down on an app icon of your choice. Once you’re at the screen where you place the app, simply drag it to the far right of the list of screens. The launcher will then create a new panel with the icon on it.



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