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Which Samsung model is the best?


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Hi ,


In the enforcement of developing mobile phone quickly, the competition becomes tough and positively reacts for the consumers. There are number of manufacturers, but somehow Samsung stands out of the crowd due to their trendier smartphones released in last two or three years.I am going to buy new Samsung Smartphone soon.But I am still confused which one will be the best choice for me?


Please share your valuable suggestions here..




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I guess for me things have changed for now I would be betting over Nexus6 :) I have been checking it out recently over the web and what I could say about it Android Lollipop is only enough for me to get started. I can't wait to get one for myself and same I am going to suggest you !  

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Well, @rosario1990 S5 is quite a great device but don't you think that it's a bit old now ???? Also I don't think that upgrading over to the S3 and S4 would be a good idea at all, as in samsung smartphones retire faster !!! Maybe you should think about it a little more while and start saving up for an S6 rather than looking for S5, S4 or S3 !!! 

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