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Samsung Galaxy S3 excel attachment doesn’t show current schedule date


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Dear Experts


I have got a work email account (exchange) setup on my Samsung galaxy S3, normally I checked emails on my mobile phone.


I have a problem with an excel attachment.

This is an excel file that has work schedule (roster) since 2013, and at work they keep adding new work schedule to the origin file.


When I open it on my desktop it shows me schedule for a one week back from now means since 15/3/2014, then I have scroll it till I get current date,,,,,no problem


When I open the same excel file (using kingsoft office app) on my phone SGS3 sometimes works fine and sometimes shows me schedule from 2/2013,,,,I have to keep scrolling it ( very annoying) till I get current date


What should I do to overcome this issue?



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There is no solution for this, You need to keep on scrolling until you reach at the appropriate date. Some times it work because of previously you have opened it and it remains in the cache, while after sometime time it wipes of the cache memory and then again you have to scroll down to bottom. 

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