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How many people love their Prime?

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I will beggin with my recent verdict for people asking how its going with PrimeFormer, answer:

"There are no devices I've seen at all and ever, that are identical to mint when you first open its box, given a minute to wipe it, ASUS Transformer Prime is one such device". :-) @ iPad *iches. The product is just that sturdy.


After using PrimeFormer for Transing day in and out like 6 months, I definitely can say, I rushed installing all several thousend games just to be arround, since I still play first 5 and cant let them go.


It is a precious piece of hardware no matter weather someone like it or not.


Darn sturdy thing. I have to admit, while I was on checkup for 2 days in local hospital it fell of my bad 3 times. And bads are for some darn reason 1.2 m high. First time I "froze", those were few looooong seconds until I picked it up, on second ocasion I still "jumped" to check it, than third time I routinely picked it up in front of terrified eyes of few ppl being there. Not that I recommend testing such behaviour, since its a wild world, and its every tab for itself, and your can have a flaw or some itchhing glueless point and BANG 1000 pieces.


It helped on several occasions when pickup tactics could've been seen as an insult...


Learning curve was steeper than I expected, it is well balanced control over raw power, ASUS add-ons are plain "must" on any android, still I would never try use it as main workhorse for DTP, or video edit, it has delayed reaction time and jumpiness in crucial situations. It is not reliable since apps tend to close more often after any "I call it FIRST CRASH", and some apps than can't even start untill reboot. Maybe my lack of previous experience of such devices is giving out, maybe it is just too many apps, maybe... Still it is happening, and it is anoying.


Rooting. I can't get guts to do it. I know it is a devil knocking on door especialy since I than will use

everydarn thing out there to check what it does how and if it can help me. I admit reading sometimes really is not enough to get you close to true potential of some software. And it will happen, a virus, a bug, a too early invoked program close, and again BANG, root will hit rock bottom and well break.

There will probably be no resources left to unroot and ASUS will hate me for doing so and will turn their ugly back on my... just kidding, as far as I see only games being poked is a reason for rooting. And that is not enough, ever it is as easy as ViperMod, for which I have to give all 10 stars and give my best regards to our ADMIN for walkthru video!


There is no spellchecker on this board edititing menues, so, I am sorry if I spell bad, I am from Serbia.



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I have had a transformer prime for about two weeks now and must say I love it. It comes in super handy when doing wireless survey's and such for work, now if only there was a way to hook an rj-45 to it I could do away with my field laptop all together. :)

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I pretty much hate my Prime. I tried to love it for a few months because it kept getting update after update so I had hope that ONE of them would fix it. None of them have. It constantly freezes, force closes, randomly reboots, I get some weird "jittery" effect in the screen where the whole image randomly jitters up and down by maybe one or two pixels. I'll get random lines on the side of the screen. I've done a complete factory reset on this thing around seven or eight times. Bascially every time there is an update, I run the update then do a factory reset. I thought I would see a lot of improvements with Jelly Bean but I haven't seen one single difference (other than the features JB adds). Performance-wise this thing isn't worth a fraction of what I paid.


I'm getting an RMA number now to send it to Asus and see if they do anything about it. I only have a little over two months left on the manufacturer warranty. I'm 99% certain they're just going to do a factory reset and send it back.


I would trade this thing for a Nexus 7 in a heartbeat. I wouldn't even care about the price difference, I just want something that actually works. I'm tired of my browser crashing literally every time I use it. I can't load a link without getting a "Browser/Chrome is not responding" message and having to tap "Wait" for it to respond. No matter what browser (or any other application) I'm using.

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