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Tegra Note 7 Help Please ?


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I received a Tegra Note 7 as a gift and it's my first ever android device, it's running Kit Kat but I have a couple of problems that have me tearing my hair out over ?


When using my browser (Mozilla Firefox) the soft keys ( I think that's what they're called ) don't disappear and block the bottom row of keys ? the spell correction is also driving me nuts, I always have it off on my windows phone but I've been through all the tablet settings and the browser settings and can't seem to resolve these 2 issues ?


Any assistance would be much appreciated

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Well, I know there is some lags in the KitKat, hope the upcoming update will fix it for you. But for the time being you can change your browser to the chrome or some thing else and other than stock keyboard use the some other apps like swiftkeyboard it is going to help you in overcoming with the issue of spell. And yes do hope that you will soon get the KitKat bug fix update.  :D

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