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Buying an older droid for use of apps?


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I currently have a Droid Maxx that I use for all my normal cell phone uses. However, I use the torque app for my car. I use it pretty consistently and was wondering if I could just buy an older droid phone and use it only for apps, such as my torque app when Im driving. That way I wouldn't be wasting my actual cell phone battery for the application.


Is this something that can be done easily? Am I able to use a phone without a plan/service as an "app device" ?


If I can, how can I transfer my apps to the "app phone" from my primary cell? I wouldn't want to pay again for the apps. I tried transferring apps from old phone(broken now) to my current when I first got it, but never could figure it out. 


Any info tips will be appreciated, sorry if this is on the wrong board, this is my first time posting here.



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Well, yes you could buy a new droid device to use your app but I would say before buying you should really consider on what does that older device supports your torque app. I would say just have a sneak peak on it before moving further. 

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