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Streaming the display from Android device across a network


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Hello, I'm new to Android development and am doing some research on how to stream the display during application runtime. 


Something similar to what I aim to accomplish:



The non-trial version doesn't stop streaming after 3 minutes :)


Streaming the display is performed either if it is foregrounded or while backgrounded. Unless the device is rooted, a script has to be run on the PC to which you are connecting (which makes it inflexible).


The differences are that I am aiming for something more flexible than requiring a rooted device and steaming to a PC, and only needs to stream its display while foregrounded. It's not about just streaming a video. No, I am not looking to cast to a Chromecast device (that seems even more limiting; although - maybe the Google cast SDK-s are more flexible and can be used for other purposes, if so I would like to hear someone say otherwise). Most importantly, I need to know how the streaming is accomplished. The application I mentioned is some proof that streaming the display can be done, however I should know how it can be done.


What I am asking for is any knowledge on existing SDK-s that can help with streaming the display from an application running on Android over a network (providing a link for live streaming). They could be any kits provided by Google, free tools, or existing methods on the Android OS.

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