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looking for workout timer [like IWorkout muse]

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Do anybody know of a workout interval timer app for android.

The app must be similar to “IWorkout muse” available for ios.  


I have come close, apps like ICountTimer, and Seconds Pro, is almust there, but still they lacks some features.


The IWorkout app is in a way pretty basic,i can’t believe it is impossible to find a similar android app.


you define 3 things

  • work interval

  • rest interval

  • Number of rounds


The app starts your favorite music and you are off. A voice will tell you when to work/rest. It also notify when you are halfway through the workout interval.  It tells you how many rounds you have done/have left.


Things i don’t want.

- use of crappy basic alerts sounds ding, blip, blop, is stupid.

- text to speech


Alot of apps use the crappy “text of sound feature”. Not only does it sound awful, the volume is so low, you can’t hear it when you have music playing. No app is smart enough to lower the music when there is speech.

I have currently tried more than 20 apps, and most of them are utterly bad.

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