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I was wondering how to change my Android LG Optimus L9 to Dynamic IP?


I have searched everywhere, but no one seems to have the problem or no one has asked about it yet.


I left my phone in airplane mode for over 15 minutes and turned it off to see if my IP would change and it did not.


After that, I went to my buddys house down the road and it still has not changed.


Any reason for this? I have seen people saying they were going through thousands of different numbers and that every time they turned Airplane Mode ON and then OFF, they would get a new IP.



It appears mine is Static, but I definitely do not pay any more for a static IP.


I ALSO USE FAMILY MOBILE. Not the T-Mobile plan. I would think using a weaker plan you would use even more random towers (like straighttalk), but I'm stuck on an IP address that says I'm in Washington at the moment.


Thanks for any help!

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