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instant swipe for Android similar to iphone camera


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Hello everyone,

I almost at the end of my contract and I'm trying to decide on my next phone.  I've had iphones and androids in the past and I love & hate features of both.

My question is...Are there currently any Android based smartphones available that have a similar feature to the Iphone that allows you to swipe the unlock screen and gain INSTANT access to flashlight and camera? 


I always keep a password on my home screen and I like being able to bypass it for a quick photo or flashlight if I need it immediately.

From what I've read, the Androids can be customized with options for quick access but nothing that allows for instant access while maintaining a password on all other information stored on the phone.  This feature alone makes me want to go with iphone but the rest of the features and flexibility make me lean towards Droid.

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Well, Yes you are true Android can be customised with option but there isn't any app that can do that for you while maintaing a password on all other information stored on the phone. I think this is good idea creating a application that allows IM's service while maintaing the screen lock .... go for developing a new application :P

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