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Different home screen with lock screen enabled vs disabled?


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Hi, community:


I am a new Android user, and I've spent most of the weekend banging around on my Nexus 5 making it work the way I want. For the most part, I am super happy. But, I'm experiencing something weird that I can't find any documentation for, and I can't tell if it's expected behavior that I think is weird to me because I'm new to Android/Nexus 5, or if it's genuinely weird.


After I got the phone, I disabled the lockscreen. I didn't intend this to be permanent--I just did it so I could get to the home screen faster while I was installing new apps and setting up the home screen. (I think I'm using the right terminology -- "home screen" is the screen displayed after you turn on the phone, and displayed again any time you press the home button, right? Because, home button?)


After I got the home screens looking the way I want, I re-enabled the lock screen with a swipe to open. With the lock screen enabled, after I swipe and then dismiss the Google search screen, I don't get my nicely configured home screen that I spent several hours on -- I see the original home screen that came with the phone, with most of my apps not available. When I click Home, I get my "good" home screen, and I can't get the old weird one to show up again until I turn off the screen. Then, when I turn on the screen and swipe and dismiss the Google search, I'm back to weird unupdated home page.


When I turn the lock screen off entirely, the correct home screen is immediately displayed when I press the power button.


I was willing to shrug my shoulders and say "Android is weird, I'll just set up this weird post-swipe homescreen to look exactly the way I want, and then it won't matter," BUT not all of my apps are in the app list to add to this weird unconfigured home screen that shows up after I swipe away the lock screen.


So, to get to the home screen I want, I have to swipe the lock screen, dismiss the Google voice/search prompt, and then press the Home button, which shows the good home screen, and there's no access to the bad home screen until I press the power button off, then on, then swipe again.


Attached please find screen shots of:

* The first thing I see if the lock screen is disabled---this is the desired home screen

* The first screen I see if the lock screen is enabled (after I swipe away lock screen and dismiss Google prompt)


Can anyone shed some light on this for me? I really appreciate the help and I thank you in advance for assisting a newbie.



Elissa M.



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UPDATE: Well, I've sorta fixed it. 


With the Google Now launcher  turned off, I had that weird effect described above. With the launcher turned on, I get the Google Now launcher after I swipe, followed by the correct home screen.


So...newbie didn't know that there's always some kind of launcher after you open the lockscreen, and that I was looking at an ill-configured launcher that went away after I pressed the Home button? I dunno. Still seems weird that I was thrown into a mode that doesn't seem to have a name and that I can only get rid of by putting something ELSE between the lockscreen and the home screen. 


This is a fix that I can live with, because the Google Now launcher is arguably useful and doesn't look confusingly like my actual home screen. I'm sure that I'll love the Google Now as soon as my assimilation is complete. I'd still like to know how to go from swiping lockscreen straight to the home page, though. 



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@pragmatica Well, that sure is a long long and long story !! :D after reading through your story what I am getting is the problem is with the Google launcher, So I would say why don't you uninstall the Google now launcher, try going to the application manager and uninstall the Google launcher so in this way you'll get your desired home screen. :) 

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