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Motorola Droid 4 - Recover files from computer/broken screen


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I have a Motorola Droid 4 that was purchased around Feb 2012. I never really had issues, and then within 24 hours it crapped out on me. I thought it was the power button being unresponsive, because sometimes the screen would come on and sometimes it wouldn't throughout the day. It quickly became less responsive, until I couldn't power up the screen at all. For a few tries the haptic feedback for my password worked even though the screen was off. Shortly after that I had 2 different friends try calling and there was no response, though it's possible the battery could have died (but the phone calls rang, rather than going straight to voicemail). As I was sitting in the Verizon store, I was looking through the 2 halves of the phone and it looks like the ribbon cable connecting the screen to the main phone has a tear. The notification light still works so I know it has power.


SO...Yes, I ordered a replacement cable, and am going to have a computer hardware savvy friend try and fix it, but in the mean time I need help accessing the phone through my computer to take hundreds of contacts, pictures and videos off in case he can't repair the phone. No they are not backed up (and yes I should have backed them up). My computer (PC, Windows) recognizes the phone, but won't let me access the phone. It's trying to make me use MotoCast. MotoCast USB wants me to unlock the screen before it lets me access the phone, but I can't. Is there any way around this? My computer shows my phone as follows – CD Drive (E): MotoCast, Removable Disk (F):, and Removable Disk (E):. Attempts to open F and E come up with “Please insert a disc into Removable Disk (F)” (or E).



DROID4 (2).png

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