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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini with Chinese/Japanese notifications?


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Recently brought a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini off Ebay and am having an issue.

The phone came with an app on it which was in Chinese/Japanese but the rest of the phone was in English.

The phone seems genuine however after a factory reset, whenever I download something off the Play-store, once the item has downloaded a notification will pop up in Chinese/Japanese.


I currently don't have a SIM in the phone, could this be the issue or would that not make a difference?

Does anyone know how I can fix this?


- Attached a picture of the notifications thing

- Sorry for quality


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I have also just purchased an S4 Mini GT-I9195 from eBay and noticed the same thing. Bizarrely it seems the phone is rooted straight out of the box. There is a Chinese Superuser app installed which is popping up some notifications. Try installing a "check my root" type app and see for yourself.


I was planning to root the phone anyway but this seems really odd.



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@Lurkio Didi you say rooted?? Straight out of the box ??? :huh:  :o  Why you kept it send it back I am sure the device was previously used by some one as company people aren't going to give you rooted device !! I would say returning it would be better It might be a second hand phone.  :blink:  :wacko: I'll say sue them  :angry:

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