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play store app does not fit my tablet screen please help

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Hi everyone! I'm new here and am hoping someone can help me.. Let me give the facts first: I have a kocaso m9200 tablet, I downloaded an app from Google play called Ibead peyote ex (for making beaded bracelet patterns) and it doesn't fit my screen, the app is too big. Some of the functions are cut off and it will not rotate. Clearly I am not the only person having this problem as there are a few comments about it on Google play.. I am assuming this is due to the developers error..? I contacted them and have received no reply. So, my question is: is there anything I can do to remedy this problem? Or am I at the mercy of the developer?

Thanks in advance,


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From the reviews, it looks like the app was poorly designed.  If the developer isn't answering you, they probably abandoned the app/project.  Hopefully, they answer you but it doesn't look promising.  There hasn't been an update in nearly 3 months.

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well @justine like @jive said the application looks like poorly designed most of the reviews are negative there is not more you can do to fix the application in the screen, on your end only the developer can make it working the way.  I would say try searching for other similar application that does the same ..... or try contacting with the owner of the application with your problem. :(

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