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Nexus 5 not updating to 4.4.2 from 4.4


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I am trying to upgrade from the original version of 4.4 (KRT16M) to 4.4.2. I persistently got errors when trying the usual upgrade method via the OS.


I have tried all sorts of things including rooting the device, installing TWRP, downloading the appropriate file and installing the zip file from my internal storage. The feedback log/script says it is skipping the MD5 file check because it cannot find the MD5 file. 


It then says there were unexpected contents in the zip file and the process has failed.


I have trawled the internet and teramandroid and the xda developers sites to find a solution but I have not been able to sort it.


If anyone is expert in this area and can help I would be very grateful.


I know 4.4.3 is imminent but I'd like to get this sorted after months of failing...






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Well, the first thing is why did you rooted you device to update it to 4.4.2 Google is itself rolling the 4.4.2 Update fro nexus device over OTA !!!  :D  And as far as your updating is concerned it looks like the file you are flashing is having some problems why don't you get another file to flash. 

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