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Updating Footer and a textView in custom row view of a listView


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Hi android professionals.
In a ListFragment I inflated a RelativeLayout with ListView and a LinearLayout in the bottom as a footer.
I also Overrided the getView(..) of a custom ArrayAdapter and implemented the holder patern.
I have a List of MyObject, and my ListView have a custom row view (EditText and a TextView).

If I changed the Value of the EditText in any rows I can update MyObject in the List; but my questions are:


  1. what is the correct way to update(invalidate) the TextView in the same row position? right now I implemented EditText.addTextChangedListener(new TextWatcher(){...}); but I can't call adapter.notifyDataSetChanged(); because the list of adapter did not changed (insert, add, delete...).
  2. also how to update for example a TextView in the footer when any List changed or any of the item was just updated?

Please let me know if you need more info (the code or clarification...)



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