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Kernel version Bad kernel


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I have bought a second hand HTC One from a site and unfortunately I found some problems.After I found some problems(notification led very very dim-it may be not in his place anymore,no sync via laptop just charging-not recognized/malfunction,on/off screen sound too dim bearly audible and also seems to be distorted,the same dim/distorted  sound for all check sounds in sound options,connecting via usb(laptop) opens CAR app-now turned off).Today I was playing in settings and found out this: FIRMWARE VERSION:3.4.10-xxxx BAD ROOT@ abm012 #1 Smp Preempt.I cant access mass storage it is unselectable in settings.Do I need to reinstall soft or it is a hardware problem.SORRY FOR BAD ENGLISH.

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@Cristi I would say why don't you try flashing the ROM again in your HTC one device, I think the problem is in the ROM because the device you've bought looks rooted, well rooted device isn't a concern here I would say try flashing the ROM again in your device. 

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