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Empty message after making a call


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Phone: Huawei G610-U20

Android Version: 4.2.1

Kernel: 3.4.5

Emotion UI 1.6


I am a new Android phone user and I am observing a strange behavior in my phone. Empty messages are getting generated in my messaging app when ever I do certains actions in my phone. 


For example, whenever I make a call that is unanswered, I see a new empty message is generated with that phone number and is displayed in my messaging app. Some other things also trigger generation of such messages but I am not sure what are those actions are. I think one of them is when I try to search for a phone number. 


 Initially, I thought there is some bug in the stock messaging app that came with the phone so I tried a couple of other apps such as tetra messaging, handcent etc. But the problem still exists.


When I click on the message, there is no data/text in it. Just the phone number or the number that I enter while searching. 


This is really annoying and I am not sure what is going on. Every day I keep deleting these stupid messages. What should I do?


thank you!

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