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Nexus 10/Chrome/Virginmedia Webmail- - - No access


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I am new to tablets, having bought this Nexus 10 a few months ago. From the outset the inbuilt Google Chrome has not allowed me access to my Virginmedia webmail account. I sign in with Username and Password, then get a screen that says my sign in was successful and a continue box to click on. After clicking on this there is simply an https address for virginmedia.com/inbox which shivers and shakes but otherwise a blank screen. The Inbox never appears.

I am used to dealing with basic PC problems and if this type of error occurred would probably totally remove the presumably faulty program and download a fresh one.

I would appreciate help to sort this problem.

On finding the fault I downloaded Firefox from the Playstore and this works perfectly. I normally use Firefox on the PC but there are other people using this tablet to access Virginmedia addresses who normally use Chrome, so I would like to get it working properly.

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Well, this just sometimes happens with my tablet too when I tried opening my gmail account using the chrome sometimes it keeps on refreshing and just never opens up and when I try opening the same gmail account using some different browsers like firefox, opera it work just it should,. What I do with the chrome is I goto the application manager select the application chrome clear its stored data, cleared its cache and again try opening the chrome and try to login in to my gmail account and this time it works for me.I would consider it as a bug in the chrome browser. So, I would say try doing the same thing as this works for me, my gut feeling says that this is going to work out for you too... 

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Hi John Dave.

Here is step by step to assist others:-

I first cleared the Cache and that had no good effect when testing for webmail access. Then clicked on Clear Data. A panel appeared which warned of various dire consequences if I should click again. Click I did. Then I went to the apps selection, chose Chrome, motored on to Virginmedia ( UK cable ISP) website and was able to successfully enter the webmail part and read my mail.

Many thanks to you for sorting this problem for me.

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