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History of Text Messages


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I recently purchased a new Samsung phone, I've been texting a lot of people and particularly one contact more often and I realised that the phone doesn't save every single text. Once you have too much text messages on a contact, you scroll up and it only goes to the limit, it can't go further back - I can't see the first text I've sent to that person because the history only goes back to the recent ones.


I'm sure it's a bit difficult to understand this situation, but if any of you guys know what I'm talking about and know how I can view every single text I've sent and received from that person, I'd very thank you for your help.






Thank you

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Well, it looks to me that you have imposed some limits over your messages try opening messages>settings>text message limit change it to something greater and uncheck the box Delete old messages now the older messages won't disappear from your in box. 

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If you want to never worry about this problem again you can simply install Google Hangouts and use that as your default texting application on your device. This saves all of your texts over online data and you'll be able to look back at texts without worrying about anything getting lost.

Well, but I think it is going to require working data connection on both the sides and if the user receiving the messages haven't switched on his data he/she will not receive that message. 

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