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E-Mail Notification App that Displays Icon in Upper Part of Screen?

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Hello, everyone.


I have a Samsung Galaxy Express AT&T GoPhone.  It is running Android 4.1.2.


I'd like to get help finding an app that notifies me if I have incoming POP3 e-mail from my own personal domain…not Gmail or Yahoo or Outlook.com.  But I want the notification in the form of an icon that appears at the top of the home screen.


A few apps on my phone display an icon if I get a message from a particular web site.  The icons appear in the top section of the phone, in the upper left.  I'm embedding a screen capture of my phone to show you where these icons appear.




The native e-mail app on my phone is adequate, but I have to unlock the screen to see if I get mail.  I also have an app called Enhanced E-Mail, but I don't think it displays an icon in the upper part of the phone.


I have my own personal domain, with nine e-mail addresses.  I'm concerned about only one e-mail address. 


If someone sends me e-mail on this particular address, I'd like an icon to be displayed in the area designated in the screen capture.  I want this icon to be there even if the home screen is locked. 


Does anyone know of such an app?  I'm assuming there must be, since I have a few apps that do something similar, such as Facebook Messenger and OK Cupid.


Of course, I'd prefer a free app, but I'm willing to pay a few dollars for a good app, if it does what I'm seeking.


Thank you for your assistance!  J. Danniel


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