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Htc one mini fault with sensor after changing LCD


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Hi everyone ;)

Could anyone help me out please it is really important !! Well basically I have dropped my phone and my LCD screen cracked. I took it to a local indian phone shop where they have changed the screen after a month's time (I know such a delay) but the phone doesn't ring when face down or in a pocket anymore, only vibrates. They have told me that it's a software problem and that the new LCD isn't compatible with the sensor and refuse to fix it as they don't know how. Could anyone help me out ? Could this be due to the fact that during the repair a piece of the glass went inside the operating system and the phone wouldn't even switch on so they had had to keep sending it back to their workshop where numerous things got deattached such as the sim card holder thing as my sim didnt want to be read either until I complained and told them to fix it ? Thanks in advance.

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Well, I would say you this has happen just because or the lack of knowledge, the local shops that repair mobile phones are usually unskilled workers they you can say most of them are newbies who learn from some other .... and opens their own shop and what they do with your device is some experiment if the phone gets fixed they said they have spent a quality time and ...... and if they broke it out they said this phone has this defect and needs to be send there and ..... I would say instead of going here and there take your device to the nearest authorized servicing centre. Try getting it fixed there, they are going to help you out in the correct manner. I am getting a feel that they have made a mess of your device i.e. certainly beyond repair and if its repairable then on that .... you can purchase a new device. Rest I'll leave it to you.

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