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Android 4.2 Issues Verizon Galaxy Nexus Frustrating Battery


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My phone kept draining every 2 hours and the back of the phone would get will hot. The top app that was using the battery was Exchange Services. I kept recharging my phone like crazy and its already time consuming. I even had to delete my 2 corporate accounts like its almost useless to have phone like this. 

To make sure that everything was cleared out, I powered off and powered on my phone. Then I re-added the 2 accounts. That stopped the battery drain and the over heating. Also Exchange Services had dropped completely off the list of top apps using the battery.

I would like to know if you also have the same problem as mine. I don't know but I have this Point of Sale system application in my nexus. But the problem is I dont know how to remove it.. 

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Well, try factory resetting your device that should clear all the application you have installed, and if the battery problem is because of the application then I am sure that issue will vanish. But if you still feel like this issue is not yet resolved then I am afraid but its time to buy a replacement battery pack for your nexus. :(

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Never had the problem myself, but there are a bunch of reports of Exchange Services eating the battery over on Android Central.  Apparently if it hangs on connecting it will keep draining battery.  Probably a bug in the program, people have variously had luck by setting the sync interval to 3 days, setting it to push mail, or deleting cache.

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