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Hello everyone. I am new member of this forum and hope to enjoy here.

I have few questions.


I bought used Galaxy s2 other day. And there is custom rom in the phone. Some aosb project. Cyanogen mode, Jelly bean 4.2


Can someone just eplain me what is custom rom, what is that cyanogen mode and things like that?

Thank you.

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Well, running on custom ROM means that the S2 you have bought has been rooted by the previous owner of that S2, I will say he has tried experimenting by flashing Custom ROM i.e. Cyanogenmod. Let me tell you about Cyanogenmod, they are the developers work independently i.e they have downloaded the source code of Android and customised it according to their style its like samsung download the Android source code and modifies it according to his own, same is the case with Cyanogenmod. Users who has abandoned by the samsung in terms of the latest Android update here comes the role of custom ROM. They provide user the to enjoy the newer version of Android i.e. we all know that after one or two major update samsung abandon us. 

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