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Hello all,


I was looking on google if someone else had solved it in a different way and I've seen that out there, someone else is still getting mad because his mobile is out of memory but the space used by the apps installed is not enough to use all the Galaxy memory. So instead reply in every post I've open a thread, perhaps when someone will look on google.com for answer will find my text.


I live in EU and just in some country here and Asia this model of GS-II should be sold, this is the reason 'cause in Samsung USA support you don't find it and they can not help you and 'cause before talk with the Samsung support of the country in which I live, I've talked with USA support and they said they didn't have in list this model.


Galaxy S II GT-I9100G was a new product with a regular warrenty. After one month is became useless 'cause the Device Memory where is stored the OS was full (2GB), this means that u can not receive neither an sms. When this happen your first reaction is "WTF???" 


In my case as extra apps, I had just what's up, fb messenger, fb, weather, google translate and utube. About images instead 5-8 and no videos. The total amount of MB used was about 500MB or even less. I've deleted what I could delete, cancelled all the sms stored, cancelled all the log calls. No way to solve the problem. There was something stored in the device memory, something that GS II does not display.


So at this point I talked directly with the Samsung support of the country in which I live. Has been easy, 'cause the work in the same building where I work, so I've just took the stairs and found someone able to speak a little bit of english.


when they've seen the model I9100G this has been their reaction: :blink:


when they've seen the problem and realized that 2GB can not be used by just the OS and the few apps installed, this has been their reaction:  :blink:


I spent hours with the agent without find a solution then he gave up and called the office's boss who didn't have the answer and finally after a while is get back with an answer:
"the model I9100G is basically bugged at the origin"


The mobile, save data taken by the internet connection traffic, WIFI, and in fact when I'm at home I use my wifi connection. This model keep all this data inside the device memory, they are not located inside any folder accessible by the user. So after deleted all files, images and apps, you will know from what comes all that MB used and u have still the problem, that is pretty annoying.

The most annoying thing is that apparently there's not a comfortable solution for it. They said were sorry but the only solution was format all. So make a back up and then use Kies Air to restart all from zero. 


After that they give me a usb card as gift to apologize and I've frequently cancelled all the data I could cancel and I've also decrease the use of WIFI. Are gone around 10 months because without problems but now device memory is running out so I'm ready to use Kies Air again.


That's my story, if you have found a better solution to cancel the device memory extra data, feel you free to share it. 

Good night




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Well @IcKz that do sounds weird  :huh:  after going through your post my reaction was  :o  How it's possible but as you said you have walked down the store and even the support people have nothing to say about it  :o  means surely there must be some problem with the device .... anyway since you are running out of storage space again, I guess you can try you luck with installing cleaner apps like CCleaner, DuBooster etc.. I am sure you will find a number of cleaner apps over the store if you'd search for, those cleaner apps are good at clearing the temporary files stored by your device out of the device memory. I have been using such apps to make sure that my device runs lag free and I hope maybe it can also fix your problems out ! Try installing them and see if that can be of your use   :)

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