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Voice Recognition Apps

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Hello everyone

A friend of mine has very limited use of her hands and arms and is looking for a voice recognition app for her android tablet that will allow her to post to facebook and use emails using voice recognition. I think she can login etc with typing but the body of the text needs to be done with voice recognition.

I've had a look at the available apps but there are so many and they all seem to have limited functions, like doing searches for you etc. 

Is there an app that would be suitable? If not, do android tablets come with some kind of accessibility feature that has voice control and how good is it? 


Apologies for my ignorance, I don't use Android stuff at all, but my friend is quite desperate to be able to communicate more online. 

Thanks in advance


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Well, the best possible Voice Recognition is Google Voice which I think is already installed over your device, but if you are looking for an application to do this for you then I think you should try "Assistant like Siri" from the Google PlayStore it is another perfect application that can just do everything for you like psoting Facebook or Twitter updates. It can also help you out with writing an email for you .... etc !

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