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How to post for help needed?


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I am a new member with a new LG F3 phone that won't sync both ways with my gmail calendar or contacts. I don't see how to post this to a forum and I really need help.I have been to the help link, but I still didn't see how to post. Here is my problem:

If I put information in my calendar or contacts on my PC they sync immediately to the phone. If I put information into my phone, it does not sync to my computer. I have checked the automatic sync option, I have tried to sync by hand, but nothing works. I hope someone can help me.


I had an older LG phone that gave me no trouble syncing. I usually can figure things out, but not this time. I hope someone can help me, starting with how to post. Thanks. 

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@iberney I am sorry but I am rather much more confused about what you are trying to ask here ??? it looks you have started to ask something about some post thing but then it looks like you have switched your problem to the synchronization :( Could you please elaborate what you are trying to ask !

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