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How to extend battery life


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Well, I guess you should follow the same trick that most of the people talk about i.e. discharge the battery completely and then charge it when your device completely ran out of battery power i.e. it should shutdown itself automatically and once it does start charging it from 0 to 100%, try doing this once in 15days this will help keeping the battery life of your device healthy.  :huh:

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I use an app called Battery Doctor it helps alot

Well, yes battery doctor is another good application which helps in saving as well as keeping battery healthy but the problem, I found with the battery doctor app is every-time I try closing it ads pop out and that is too annoying as everytime I have to close it manually i.e. by clicking the cross button on the ad. So, this is why i use Dubattery saver for the same .... Its not intelligent than Battery doctor but I can say it's decent.  :huh:  But, yes if the ad doesn't bothers you then battery doctor is a good choice. 

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