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How to move an app from data/app to system/app?

Stacy Bruce

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Question for all you pros out there. I was wondering how to move an app to system/app that is currently installed in data/app. I have Nova launcher right now but it installed as a data file but I want to run it as a system file so I can have the widgets in the app drawer. I have used Fatsix's transparent status/nav bar in which his mod reinstalled nova into the system file. Once that happened I was able to have the widgets in the app drawer. Since then I have upgraded to a newer version of the CND ROM and the transparent mods don't support it so I am looking for a way to make the move manually. Any ideas? I apologize if this doesn't make any sense, I am still learning B)

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If that doesn't help, you could do it over ADB.


adb shell remount rw

- will remount the system in read-write mode so we can modify the /system partition


adb pull /data/app/.apk

- will get the file from the phone


adb rm /data/app/.apk

- will delete it from there


adb push .apk /system/app

- will copy the file to the /system/app folder


adb chmod 644 /system/app/.apk

- will change the permissions of the file


adb shell remount ro

- will remount the /system partition in read-only mode

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