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best voip app to mobile calls, best app to mobile calls ?


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What is the best voip app to mobile calls? Any suggestions please ? :)))


Well, in my view if you are going to search for the best VOIP application to mobile calls then Skype would be the best ! I offers the cheapest and most convenient calling service over the Internet. I am sure one you use skype your not going to.... :) 

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There is a lot of apps. I use Skype on my PC because almost everybody has, and you can talk for free. But when I call to my girlfriend in UK use Smartgroschen.


Smartgroschen, I have tried using it as soon as I heard but ! tell you what first thing is whenever Skype is compared with any VOIP calling apps I am always going to vote for Skype because I can trust on them but that doesn't mean other apps are bad but it's just because Skype is the trusted one ! So I would again suggest the OP to move forward with Skype rather than some other applications. 

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