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Easy App to Purchase and Play Music on Galaxy S4 Mini


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I have a Samsung S4 mini.  This is the first phone I've ever owned that is a smartphone.


I have been using the Google Play Music app (picture of orange headphones) to buy and play music on my phone.


Here is the problem.  I purchase a song.  Then I go to "My Library" to find and play the song but it does not come up in my list of songs.  I have to type in the name of the song for it to appear.


Every time I purchase a song, right after I purchase it I have to type in the name of the song, play it and then add it to a playlist.  Once I do that, it shows up in my library but if I don't play the song, it never shows up in my library.  This is a pain when I purchase a whole album of songs. I have to write down the name of each song, one by one play each song and add it to a playlist.


Another annoying thing about Google play is when I go to Playlists at the top it shows Recent Playlists, then Auto Playlists, then FINALLY All Playlists.  So every time I have to scroll all the way down to get to all of my playlists. 


I finally got fed up with this and called Verizon, who transferred me to Google support for their app.  I told them that this happens every time and the guy there recommended I use Pandora.  The said the Google Play store doesn't always work.  But when I do a search for the Pandora app, it's just for internet radio.


I downloaded the Double Twist app, but I can't figure out how to use it to purchase music.  And I can't figure out how to transfer the music I currently have on my phone (in Google Play) over to Double Twist.


Please remember when composing your replies that I know very little smartphone terminology.

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Well, that's weird have to tried contacting the Google for the support?? :O Do one thing head over to the application manager>choose the GooglePlayMusic application> Clear its data and the cache stored, and then again try opening Google Play and try purchasing the songs from the Google Play Music. Try doing it and let me know if that work out for you or not ! 

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