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chrome bookmark sync with tab 2 10.1


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Hi all,


i'm new to the forum and i recently synced my firefox and chrome bookmarks on my laptops but i am having problems syncing my chrome bookmarks with my tablet 2 10.1. 


I have the latest firmware on my tab. Any ideas?





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Well, I need more information on this, like on tab which browser are you running and trying to sync data with ! If you have installed Google Chrome and firefox both over your tab then chrome of tab can sync only with the chrome of PC and firefox of tab can sync data with firefox of PC. 

For Chrome: Head to the chrome>preferences> Under user tab click add new user sign in over using gmail account over your PC as well as over your tab, make sure your PC and tab can access the data connection/ wifi connection. you data will sync automatically. 


For Firefox: Head over to the Firefox> Preferences> click over sync> on PC click Setup firefox sync and follow the procedure, once done open the firefox over your tab head over to the preferences>sync> press pair a device and put the code received  over the PC, once done give it some time and data from firefox will sync automatically. 

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