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How to delete images off my tablet?


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As soon as I turned my Samsung tablet on for the first time, all of my Facebook images appeared in the gallery but I had not downloaded them on purpose.


They do not appear in the file manager nor in another one I downloaded. I can't move, delete or do anything with them.


Someone alerted me to the idea of 'syncing' the gallery with Facebook (I'm not 100% sure what this means). So I found the settings and turned them off. Next I was advised to try going go the application manager and clearing data. I did this and pressed "delete cache" too. The images just all came straight back and now I have no idea what to do.


Please can anyone advise? Thank you, I'm completely stumped.

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Well, I guess someone has guided you to the correct path the problem is with the synchronization, try going to the settings>accounts>Facebook>tap on sync intervals>select the galley sync interval to none now head over to the application manager>clear the cache and the data stored by the gallery application. Now try opening the gallery this time all the fb photos will vanish and it isn't going to be synchronized. :) Let me know if that helps you ! :) 

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@masterchat factory resetting just to remove those pics ?? Don't you think that's an extreme solution to carry out with the cleaning process and tell you what once OP will add the Facebook account then those pictures will start appearing again, that's the reason why I said it would b better to head over the accounts and sync settings and after than configure the Facebook account not to sync the pictures. 

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Did you accidentally turn on that samsung photo cloud? Maybe when you synced to facebook it took all those images and added them to the cloud? That might be a dumb suggestion, so Im sorry if it is. I know I had some quirks with that thing on my phone when I first installed it.

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