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Which Reddit are you using ?

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I was trying to find the best Reddit Application for Android, I used Reddit is Fun which is very cool & Reddit news.. Any one suggest me the BEST Reddit App..


Well, I am actually not a big fan of Reddit applications but if I still talk about the Reddit app which I use is Reddit news app. :) 

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Well @jassz39 What would you like about the Reddit application? I mean once I have been tried using Reddit new app and din't find that much interest its almost similar like other and I would say there are a number of alternative to it which gives way more good look and feel ! :) 

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I tried out Wear Notify for Reddit but wasn't that impressed...it was too chatty with notifications, and seemed to focus on r/TIL instead of anything I was actually interested in.  Perhaps I just had my settings wrong.  It was cool to constantly have something new on my watch.

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