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my sony xperia U had a small water accident about an year ago. Since then, right side of the screen doesn't react to touching.

I am using the phone anyway, but when I want to call some call center I usually need to get through the automat (you know - press 1 to get here, press 2 to get there). 

Due to the screen failure I can not bring up the keypad during call, the button is in the area that is unresponsive.


Do you know how to solve this? 

I can't find any option to make the keypad visible during call permanently or find an app that would change the calling layout.

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Well, I would say first thing is first i.e. you have posted the question over the inappropriate place. I mean this section is dedicated for the developers, I would say this post will go unanswered if I haven't seen it anyway I way say there us nothing left other then changing the LCD digitzer I think you need to take your device to the nearest support to fix this one.  :huh:

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Well @Jason122 I would say there's no other solution other than talking it to the nearest store and replacing the LCD digitizer ! So, talking with other experts on this is something which I don't think makes any of the sense ! I would say rather than your answer it looks like you have posted here just for the sake of the posting nothing else ! 

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