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C64/ PSX Emulator Problems on Tuvva Gamepad - Advice Please

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Having problems getting any game to play on Frodo C64 and also need help with ePSXe.


May as well start with the PSX emulator: I expected the Tuvva's game pad buttons to be able to be used with ePSXe but I can't see how. The touch screen buttons work OK but I'd like to use the physical ones if possible - is it?


As for Frodo I just cannot get any game to be recognised - which is odd as even my PS2 emulator recognises that 'Thrust' is there. I have around a 4.7 MB unzipped games file (if I did it right) in my Android>OBB file and also elsewhere, both locations only finding the Frodo top level folder. I tried looking at Vice but too complicated, and I would consider paying for Mobile C64 if I thought I could get it to work, which I doubt I can.


When I bought the Tuvva one reviewer said if you didn't understand Android you won't get what you want from this machine, and that seems to be the case - totally ignorant of all things Android, me.


I also got Pretendo for DS games, Professor Layton being the one I wanted to play - but that was also a rubbish experience.


I'm quite happy with the PSX emulator, apart from controller issue, but not with anything else I have tried. As a cheapskate I like free but I'd consider paying for what I need if that's the only way to go.


Any advice at all would be much appreciated, especially on how to get Commodore 64 games on my Android device.



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