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So, I'm an apple guy.  Had Iphones for half a dozen years and still don't understand the draw to android....google claims open platform, but need to root and activate developer to do anything? Kinda like jailbreaking, but without a dev team for the jailbreak... either way here's my q's;


I bough my wife a GS5 to replace her GS2. She likes it, but I have my reserves. I traded a replacement iPhone 5 for a GS5 for myself to see if the hype is correct. I am truly dissapointed with the new iPhone charger, I literally have gone through 30+ charger cords in 2 years..(I use my phone for work and charge 2-3 times a day). 


The differences in our 2 samsung phones are enough to wonder if they are the same phone?!?  I don't know where to begin but the simplist example is the sd card.... I have a selection for "Phone Storage" or "SD card" and she doesn't.  All through the settings the 2 differ tremendously.


Next; my phone tells me I only have 84.52 MB left on internal storage after deleting and refereshing..??? Then everytime I try to add anything to the phone it tells me its' full, yet everything is supposed to go on the SD card (or at least most things)  Only 816 mb apps and 32.34 cached data....


SD card works and there are photos etc on it but ned some direction.....


Thanks to all who post, this fruit eater has no clue... :)

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Sorry, here is my question:


I just reset my phone to factory settings, and it still tells me that I only have .91gb free space.. there should be 16gb less the factory installed fluff....???  Why is my phone not finding the remaining space?


Well, after factory resetting you are not getting ...  :o  weird try going to the settings storage and once a gain look at the storage distribution its showing i,e, Total Space and the used space by the applications, pictures,videos, audio downloads etc. 

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