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Is it possible to use an external SD card for app obb files?


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In Android app management, there's the option to move app data from "Tablet" to "SD Card", but my tablet only has a 2GB "SD Card" (wherever that is inside the tablet), which is now full. However, I have a 16GB external SD card plugged in (to the sdcard expansion port on the side), which I want Android to use for obb files instead.


Is there a way to do that? I hope so, otherwise that's a huge limitation on how many apps can be installed, especially games with large (200mb+) obb files associated with them.

If there isn't an "official" way of doing it, I noticed there's an "SD Card" shortcut in the root folder - perhaps changing that to point to the external SD card would that fool Android into using it?


Thanks for any advice!

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Well, I would say if you are currently running Android 4.4 (KitKat) then I guess no this isn't possible still ! You can use the third party app to manager to manage the application but I would say the moving capacity is switched to off mode over the the KitKat you can expect the movement of app obb files to external SD card over the next version of Android but currently I am afraid but it's not possible.  

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