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cheap china android cellphones,is it worthy of buying?


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in android phones ,i thought samsung is always the top one in its specs or quality .

and its price of course is the highest ,at that level of cost ,most people will stand back .

now more and more china cheap android phones come out ,their appearance is beautiful

and stylish ,but their specs i thought is not that good .so have you ever bought china android phones

before ? how do you think of them and is that worthy of buying ? i want to buy one android phones from

china .from this website http://www.kingsbuying.com/cell-phone/android-phones.html ,who can give some advice

on this ? is it good and trustworthy ?

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Luckily, I have bought my latest cellphone accessories from Kingsbuying. I always tend to change my phone cases, screen protectors. From my online-shopping experience, their phone accessories are more cost effective and durable comparatively, that's why I always buy from them. But as a whole, what I bought are quite cheap stuffs. You can know more about it before you decide to get a phone there.

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I've bought my first Blu Studio 6.0 HD for $250 from a local store in Brooklyn here in NY.


It's wonderful, and i've listed my Galaxy Note II up for sale on eBay, The phone was introduced to the market in April and once i've set up the phone i've received a 4.4.2 update, I'm so excited for this huge screen.


Price isn't the issue, the issue is it a reliable company? you need to read online about peoples experiences and watch videos on youtube to help you decide, Or just buy it and get a receipt and you have the right to return it within 2 weeks if you don't lke it.


Just to let you know, Blu mobile phones are sold at best buy to assure you that you can get your money back, you know what i mean :)


Here's the link for all Blu cell phones on best buy website, Good luck :)



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