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Notifications/sms doesn't follow mail sound setting :-(


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On my S5 I can swith between "sound", "vibration" and "silent" from the notification bar.

BUT this only affect the ringing 100%. Alerts for event, e-mail and messages only partly follow.


Like if I switch to vibration I get no vibration for messages - unless I have checked for vibration there.

But if I check for "vibration" for messages I get that always - also when the main mode is "sound":


This I very annoying. From my old Nokia I was used to profiles.

Where you could set "sound, vibration or silent" for all types of alerts for all profiles.


I'd like the alerts to follow the main setting:


- Sound:       Ring for call,  Alert sound for message and alerts (and NO vibration in addition)

- Vibration:      Vibration for call,  Vibration for all messages and alerts (and NO sound in addition)

- Silent:     NO sound NOR vibrations for anything (and the includes calls, messages and alerts)!!


Is this possible on Android, or do I have to edit message and alerts setting everytime :-(


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