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I was wondering if people could recommend funny apps. I came accross one called ProMiler that seems to be based on an article by the Onion. I do not own this app or have any affiliation with it, so I will not post a link.


ProMiler can be searched for in the Google Play store. I must say I had a hilarious time fooling my friends with this. I have a bunch of runners - friends on Facebook and they all thought this was real. If anyone has anymore recommendations such as this, I'm all ears.

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Well, the funniest app hmm.... i can't remember its name  but I guess I have accidentally downloaded that app and that app was like collection of simple games, you have to throw rings over to the dolphin nose and every time you missed that a duck will came over your device screen and it does weird funny things over the device screen. I also remember trying funny camera app, we use to trick out friends by clicking their pictures, the app distorts the picture by giving it a funny look ! 

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