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The best Music player for android!!!!!!

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I've been searching for a good android music playerr and the search hasn't still ended!!! could your'l recommend a music player with an excellent interface and has cool sound option widgets? i've tried sooo many and nothing seems to be good enough :( PLEASE.....

Well, there are a number of them available I would say which I like most is Google Play Music and after than I would say you could try your way out with Double Twist :) It also offers a great experience of voice quality, try using it an see if this makes you happy or not ! :) 

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@Masterchat, I think you haven't still used Google Play because if you have used it then I am sure you may not be asking the question over here !  Any way I'll let you know why, its because you can get your iTunes music over to your Android device with it, you can listen radio without any boundaries over it, you are getting soft and fluent UI which you would like yo get your hands on, the lock screen music control which really is some which I guess you should have a look at it, you can purchase music from stores, trust of Google and many more features are lies within it. I would say you will never know what you are going with until or unless you've seen it with your very own eyes now try using it and feed me up with your reviews about it ! I'll be waiting until you revert back :D  

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Yes. I haven't used Google Play yet, but had it installed in my phone. The reason I ask why because I wanted to know why from the person suggesting Google Play. Since you gave the answer, I'd like to say thanks. I did explore Google Play Music and to access music from other devices is cool. However, I may need assistance how to do that. :D

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