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What app/software gives me a Contact Manager for both PC AND Phone - AND are standalone - AND sync?

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Help! (I've been searching for hours, googling and Playstore, trying to find an affordable software–app combination.)
(1) I need a software and/or app to manage my contacts, both on my phone (HTC One X, 4.2) and my PC (Win7).
(2) Data should reside in each of the devices, not in a cloud.
(3) I need to edit contacts on my PC, but the PHONE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BE CONNECTED in any way to the PC (standalone).
(4) I need to sync both from PC to phone, and vice versa (USB or bluetooth).
(5) I need to edit contacts on my phone, and want to use the contact manager as my phone's directory and dialer.
What app and/or software does this for me?

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Well, @Junglewriter I would say getting and app to do this simultaneously over PC as well as mobile device is somewhat which I don't know but I doubt about its availability but for you I would advise you to use some remote connection apps to access your device contacts over PC, so you can edit those contact over the device with the help of PC and then you can sync it later on by either connecting it with a USB device or by taking help over the Google account. If that's okay with you then you can use the Airdroid app available over the store for free. Try checking it out and let me know if you are looking for something like this ? 

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