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Cannot do this one thing

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1. I rooted my Sony Xperia M with Kingo.

2. I DLed the GTA San Andreas and placed the 'com.rockstargames.gtasa' folder in "emulated/0/android/obb" in the memory card and installed the apk.

3. I have also tried doing that by keeping the 'com.rockstargames.gtasa' in "android/obb" in the memory card and then installed the apk but still wont work. I always uninstalled the apk and then re-installed it.

4. Upon trying to play the game I constantly get the screen where it tries downloading some file and then in a few seconds says that I have not purchased the app.  I am not able to play the game.

5. Also, I have 2 obb files.

i. main.6.com.rockstargames.gtasa.obb

ii. patch.6.com.rockstargames.gtasa.obb


Can anyone fix it please?

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Well, considering that you have downloaded and installed the .apk file of San Andreas from some third party site means you also have got yourself the some files with .obb extentision put those those files over the internal storage of the device i.e sdcard0/Android/obb/ folder and it will start working. 

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