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Just bought a brand new Huawei Honor 3c, yet it has no space left!


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I just received my Huawei Honor 3c. The phone has these specs:
2gb RAM

16gb ROM

MTK9592 octa core set.

Android 4.4.2


I installed a few apps that together weigh no more than 300 mb, yet the device behaves as if it's full. But it's more complicated than that. let me explain:

Under android settings, everything seems to be okey-dokey. Free space is what it should be, and so is used space. However, it won't let me install large apps anymore, citing 'not enough space' as a cause.

Clean Master app says i have ~950mb free space available on my internal storage. specifically, it states:
Internal storage - used 15.1 gb/16.0gb

Device storage - used 14.7 gb used/16.gb

I installed X-plore to browse the innards of the device. When i looked at the disk map, it showed (visually) that only 1.5~ gb of the device's disk was in use, but below it said 15.1gb used out of 16gb - same as Clean Master. 


Please help me Android wizards!

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Well, that's something way more weird I can't understand how's that possible at all anyway as you said you have just purchased it means I don't think still you have saved any of your personal data over the device but if by any chance you have saved any then what you can do is backing up your data and performing a complete factory resetting ! 

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@00sahaf now that's weird ! try typing *#9900# (Android System dump mode) over your device dialing screen and tap over the "Delete dumpstate/logcat" over the device ! once done now try installing any app over your device and check if it still shows system out of memory error ! 

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So i dug around some more and discovered this phenomenon:

Apparently, the device/OS lumps in  virtual folders as used space as well. If i ask X-plore to give me the size of Proc folder, it basically keeps on counting indefinitely, reaching sizes of 20-30-40 gb and so on (internal storage is 16gb). It does that because there's a loop: Proc\###-#####(number folders)\wdc\Proc\###-#####(number folders)\wdc\Proc... etc.


As far as i've seen on my friends' devices, Proc folder should be zero to a few megabytes.


could this be the cause of the problem?

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I just discovered that, when ascertaining used space, my Huawei also includes virtual folders.

If i check the volume of Proc folder, it basically counts it to infinity, reaching sized of 20-30-40gb and so on of used space (internal storage is 16gb, if you recall).

This is due to a loop: Proc\490\wdc\Proc\490\wdc\Proc\490\wdc...


So far as i know, Proc's content, in most cases, should be zero, and sometimes several megabytes.


Could this be what's causing my storage problem?

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